intonation issue

  1. F

    Low E string on my SE Standard 24 is flat on higher frets, even though I have the saddle all the way extended.

    Hi all, I’m new here on the forums. Huge fan of PRS and absolutely love their guitars (if only money weren’t an object)… Anyways, I’ve been learning to setup guitars and have a decent idea of the basic mechanics involved. Everything plays great on this guitar with a good truss rod, action...
  2. j.a.

    PRS SE Zach Myers one month later

    It's been a month since I got the PRS SE Zach Myers and this are my thoughts on it: Pros: Sounds amazing, versatile, from Jazz to Rock including those 60's sounds Very comfortable to play, love the fat neck, as ergonomic as my Starla to play sitting down. Looks amazing, the matching maple...
  3. C

    PRS SE 22 Custom won’t intonate after plek

    Like the title reveals I had my axe plek’d and the nut replaced. The guitar won’t intonate on all strings. I already changed strings. Didn’t help. Current stings are NYXL 10-46. Pick ups are at a reasonable height at 5/64th and 6/64th respectively. The weird thing is the 12th fret harmonics are...
  4. D

    SE Tuning Instability

    Hey everyone, I've got two SE's. An SE Custom 24, and an SE Mark Holcomb. I find that with both, the tuning is so unstable, playing a few notes can throw it out. Only slightly at first, but a bend will generally mess it up a fair bit. With the Custom, I installed locking tuners, but still get...
  5. S


    Hi there! So I have been trying to setup my PRS SE custom for a few days now. First timer doing the intonation stuff, and first time working with the PRS bridge, I have worked on Floyd Rose locking bridge before. I've read a bunch of posts on this thread that were somewhat helpful but I still...