1. John F

    Presence response of an HXDA

    The Presence knob on the HXDA doesn’t seem to affect the tone no matter what I set it to. I’ve swept it end to end in HX positions, and in DA positions, with various tone settings and volume and I can’t hear any difference. I’m now wondering if the amp has a fault. I’m looking for some help...
  2. Davey

    Who has the HX/DA head and what speaker cab are you running?

    Incoming new amp. Super stoked! 30w hx/da head. Just looking for any recommendations as far as speaker cabs from anyone who has or had an hxda. Partial open back vs closed back? 1x12 vs 2x12? Speakers? Are the new stealth cabs made in China worth it? Hold out for an older cab? Thanks all!
  3. myoldfriend

    HXDA "Update"?

    Heya, Anyone aware of PRS making a factory "update" (master voltage or master volume, from what I understand) available for HXDA amps? Someone asked me if my head had either. Guessing if this service was actually offered it would be like something Boogie did back in the day for the Mark...
  4. RickP

    HX/DA INFO (and my NAD 50 W Head(s)) Share your HXDA knowledge with the world!

    Ok, after totally hijacking Rapdog’s HXDA market thread, I thought it was time to get back in my own lane! A 50 watt version HXDA head is “Out For Delivery” to my humble abode, and the obligatory pics will follow soon. I am looking forward to it as it’s as close to an old Plexi as I am ever...
  5. myoldfriend

    HXDA tubes

    Hey All, N00b only to this forum... While in the process of changing up my amp lineup, I noticed that there were big bottles (6L6GC) in my HXDA. Seems to be a dearth of info on this model at prsguitars.com and the interwebs in general. What I'm gathering from the chart I found is that the...