1. C

    PRS SE Custom 22 Semi-Hollow extrem fret buzz due to weather conditions

    Hey everyone, I bought a PRS SE Custom 22 Semi-Hollow Santana yellow on July 9th at GC in San Bernardino, CA. The action was super high in the store so I took it to their Luthier to get a proper set up. When I got the guitar back it played well but not as expected. There was still some buzz and...
  2. A

    tropical climate

    Hi everybody, i'm new in this forum. I'm quite decided about my next (and first electric) guitar. I think the "SE Custom 22 Semi-Hollow" is the right choice for me. BUT I live in a hot humid tropical Climate (french polynesia). So any advise about this not guitar friendly environment would help...
  3. T

    Buy guitar from California, shipping to Florida...

    I live in Florida but I’m looking at a guitar on reverb that’s located in California. Should I be worried about shipping damage or too much change in humidity affecting the wood? The seller has good ratings
  4. Jesse


    Hey everyone. Have a question regarding humidity. So, I keep the axe between 40-45% humidity, although some days/nights it can fall to as low as 15%. (Not good, I know). The question I have is, is how does everyone cope with the change in humidity while traveling with it? Some days i'll be at...