1. Vanhaye

    Bluer than Bleu (Guitar + )

    Bluer than Bleu – Vanhaye ( Guitar + ) Fender Stratocaster Elite (2015) Digitech GSP 2101 Steinberg Cubase 9 See description YouTube
  2. Vanhaye

    Downstream - Guitar

    DOWNSTREAM Guitar - Bass - Drums Guitar - Vanhaye (PRS Custom 24, 1991) Bass - Gini Macaroni (Fender P. Bass ‘72) Drums - Tom B. Hihat (Vintage Kit) A guitar song with a wink. Out of date with analogue cassette and YouTube and Google did not yet exist. Re-edited, with pleasure.
  3. Vanhaye

    Guitars to Love

    Guitars to Love Guitars show images Guitar design is art for eternity. The players takes it to great heights. Dream away for 240 seconds. Take your guitar and play the stars from heaven.
  4. Vanhaye

    Don't Push

    Don’t Push, why not? I like it.
  5. Vanhaye

    Bluer Than Bleu

    Bluer Than Bleu (‘21) Fender Stratocaster PU: Neck and Middle. Bass and drums: Cubase el 9 This Guitar song is a new version. The CD album “Guitar Feelings” (1995) Haye van den Bosch, track 12 show “Bluer Than Blue”. Recording analog. Guitar PRS Custom 24. Part of the song can be heard in the...
  6. Vanhaye

    The Golden Sea

    The Golden Sea Tune written by Lennart Clerwall. Youtube show more then 40 performance of this Guitar song. I have make a new Backing Track, bpm = 114. At the end of the song a wink in the “Shadow”. Stratocaster setting: Neck – Middle PU Preamp LINE 6, Lexicon Delay/Reverb, direct in Mix.
  7. Vanhaye

    Fun Dance

    Fun Dance - Vanhaye, guitar & composer Look and Listen. Let’s Dance. Amazing, the little boys.
  8. Vanhaye

    It's All Nothing Without You

    It’s All Nothing Without You Tranen – Tears – Tränen – des Larmes – Lacrime – lágrimas Teardrops on my Guitar strings. Stratocaster vs Les Paul There is a new version! See below.
  9. Vanhaye

    Vanhaye (16 x 30 s)

    Vanhaye (16 x 30 sec.) An overview of 16 guitar songs. Each track 30 sec. All songs complete on YouTube - Vanhaye PRS Custom 24 (1991). Fender Stratocaster Elite. Gibson Les Paul Classic.
  10. Vanhaye

    Golden Fiction (remix - guitar)

    Golden Fiction (remix - guitar) – Vanhaye The remix (drum) give a better heavy sound.
  11. Vanhaye

    Cracked Earth

    Cracked Earth A guitar song for a better world. Homerecording. Fender Stratocaster Elite: part 1 (pu=NM) Gibson Les Paul Classic: part 2 (pu=N 2x single coil, serial) Conclusion? (next time PRS Custom 24, yes I have)
  12. Vanhaye

    When The Wind Dies

    When The Wind Dies. Homerecording. Directly to a mixer/Cubase. Without guitar amp. Stratocaster: part 1 Les Paul: part 2
  13. Vanhaye

    The Old Piano (Guitar)

    The Old Piano (Guitar) Don’t shoot the Piano Player. Gibson Les Paul Classic (part 1) and Fender Stratocaster Elite (part 2, 3 and 4).
  14. Vanhaye

    Walking Through Life (with Guitar)

    Walking Through Life (with Guitar). Alternately Les Paul Classic and Stratocaster Elite.
  15. Vanhaye

    Golden Fiction

    Golden Fiction Guitars & Bass & Drums = Guitar Band I believe, Less is More. Please, give your comments, tips, ideas and suggestions (about the music). My PRS custom 24 in the "corner" and take for this song the LP. Guitar: Gibson Les Paul Classic. Guitar effects: LINE 6 pocket POD...
  16. Vanhaye

    Together (Les Paul, Fender Strat, PRS Custom 24) - Vanhaye

    Gibson Les Paul Classic vs Fender Stratocaster Elite vs Paul Reed Smith Custom 24. The legends of 70 electric guitar development. It has formed the pop music where it is now. This song Together brings them together. No battle, but each with its own character.
  17. Vanhaye

    The Old Guitar Player - Vanhaye

    The Old Guitar Player - Vanhaye I have a PRS Custom 24 (1991) and a Fender Stratocaster Elite (2015) This Guitar song is the Strat (sorry) Instrumental – Home recording – Guitar Band – Retro. A “real” Guitar band, guitars – bass – drums. Without synthesizer. The guitar sound (solo) make it...
  18. Vanhaye

    I’m Going to Stop the Fight

    I’m Going to Stop the Fight See, listen and judge. The music should reinforce the image. PRS custom 14 (1994) (analog cassette recording)
  19. ZibiGuitar operator

    PRS 20th ann and Kemper Profiler in Satch Boogie(Joe Satriani)

    Hi folks, that's a first recording of my new gear,Kemper which is very easy to use plugged into Mackbook-linear: How does it sound?
  20. Vanhaye

    Don't Push - PRS Custom 24 (91)

    The guitar sound is 100% PRS custom 24. For the movie animation an other (fake). It's a part of the song "The Guitar Finger Daily Tour" see YouTube. Direct recording without guitar amp.