hollowbody ii

  1. Steve Conicelli

    PRS Hollowbody II vs. 594 Hollowbody II

    Hi All, Just some quick background: This will be my first post on this site! I am a long time PRS fan and an owner of a beautiful 2010 Custom 24 Artist Package (59/09s)... and while I love the guitar's aesthetics, I've just never really gelled with the tonality of the instrument. I find...
  2. StringDreamer

    Question: HBII Piezo controls

    Hello, I purchased a used HBII a while ago and have been using it with dual outputs and everything works fine. I get the magnetic pickup signal at the mag output & the piezo signal at the Piezo output. More recently, I have tried using the Mag/Mix output alone (with the mini-toggle in the...
  3. Mozzi

    Incoming NGD!! HBii with one piece top

    I tried so hard to resist, my bank balance is in tatters but I just had to do it.... This little beauty - a 2018 Hollowbody II w Piezo and a one piece Top/Back - will be joining my PRS family on Tuesday - this is a Photo provided by the shop I am buying it from... I think she will fit right...
  4. HNSFury

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  5. ysmth

    PRS Single Cut Gallery

    While cleaning and restringing my beloved single cuts I thought I'd take a few shots... Hollowbody II Single Cut Grey Black SC58 Stripped Black SC245 McCarty Tobacco Sunburst Strings D'Addario XL 012-060 Tunings drop c open gb (db gb db gb bb db) c g c f g c How about you guys...
  6. matonanjin

    Thoughts on PRS Hollowbody II?

    Are there different hollowbodies than the Hollowbody II Piezo 10-top? I'm looking in the new Sweetwater catalog and that's the only one I see. What's everybody's thoughts on it? I am a relatively new PRS owner. A Pauls owner and I love it. I tried several and fell in love with it because of...
  7. DavidRome

    PRS Semi-Hollow vs Hollowbody ii (Core Guitars)

    I'm having trouble deciding for sure which model of guitar to buy. Here’s what I have: Guitar #1. 2012 - P22 Stoptail 10 Top - Fade Blue Burst with Blue back and neck (I think it’s a custom color) It has factory replaced HFS and Vintage bass pickups in leu of the 57/08’s (Any opinions about...
  8. Paul Rose

    NGD (well, four days ago) Hollowbody II

    So, I finally got one of my dream guitars since I was four years old - the Hollowbody II. I first played one in 2011 and thought it was exactly what I was looking for; never that I could afford one. Well, here I am five years later, and somehow it happened. I don't know how, but it did. I'll...
  9. J

    Hollowbody II strings

    Just got my PRS Hollowbody II with Piezo and it comes with stock .11 gauges. Could you please verify, are these the original strings? http://www.thomann.de/gb/prs_e_gitarrensaiten_011.htm Any experiences with other .11 strings from other manufactures on HBII? Thank you for recommendations. JR
  10. J

    Hollowbody II vs P245 Semi Hollow

    Dear, It is time for my first PRS and I am between PRS P245 Semi Hollow (58/15 & Piezo) and PRS Hollowbody II Singlecut (57/08 & Piezo) Most of the time a play clean and I prefer the soul-sound of the neck position (genre: R&B, George Benson stuff). My local store has non of these...