1. P

    1st Post • SE Holcomb Parts Swap Notion

    In recent weeks, I've acquired several SEs (and one Core), and am now off on a mild mod tear. This wild-hare idea may best be chased as a personal ad. ME: Have SE with chrome bridge and tuners, would like black chrome. YOU: Have Holcomb SE model with black chrome bridge and tuners, and would...
  2. Utkarsh

    NGD: Finally got a 7 String PS 'Holcomb' Custom 24

    Alrighty folks, as promised, here is the second of the NGDs. This was ordered on 31st December so it didn't break my no guitar purchase 365 day promise, unlike the other Stealth Holcomb. Now all of us on the forum are familiar with the fine art of online guitar watching. We spot a guitar we...
  3. Utkarsh

    NGD: The magic Stealth Holcomb

    So this is going to be the first of several NGDs. I've been doing some shuffling of late in the last 3 months (Sold a couple of Gibsons and a Custom 22 Piezo, but the new stuff is very exciting) Let's start here. With storytime. And yes, for those who know, I broke the 365 day no new guitar...
  4. Utkarsh

    The criticality of pickup heights

    So something had been bothering me about my PRS Core Holcomb. I didn't dig the sound of its pickups. It had always been on the back of my mind since I had bought it, but last week, it came to the fore when I made the collection video and played a bunch of guitars back to back, with identical amp...
  5. Utkarsh

    NGD: Core Mark Holcomb Custom 24

    Well technically it's a belated NGD as I got the guitar two weeks ago but I really wanted to play the guitar properly for a while and provide an informed review. Also after the two recent NGDs of the 8 string and the Purple Artist custom 24, I thought you lot would murder me. It was quite...
  6. Aeismann

    Mark Holcomb 7 SVN b-string problem / making dim weak tone

    Hi all, I just bought a lovely Mark Holcomb SVN, my first PRS, on the one hand in really happy overall, on the other hand i'm facing some issues that would make me return my guitar if cannot be fixed, which I really really don't want to do. My problem is that the low B-string is making a weak...
  7. Ovibos

    Mark Holcomb touring with SE Holcomb 7, Silver Sky

    Going to see Periphery on Tuesday night (I have 2 extra tix - if any CHI forum folks want them, DM me). Mark tweeted this, confirming again the SE Holcomb 7. https://twitter.com/MarkPeriphery/status/1172602512295288834
  8. A

    Mark Holcomb SE Signature 7 String Possibility

    Hey guys, I own 2 Holcomb SE Models (Holcomb Burst, Satin Grey Black) and absolutely love them all around. I also have a PRS SVN that I've upgraded, but I would love to see a 7 string version of the Holcomb SE. Does anyone else feel the same? If so how can we make this happen?
  9. M

    What are the best locking tuners to replace the PRS SE Mark Holcomb stock tuners?

    Hey everyone, wanting to replace the tuners on the PRS Mark Holcomb sig w/ preferably matte black locking tuners, but I'm not too sure what are some compatible tuners. does anyone have any ideas? Thanks!
  10. dkilpatrick

    NGD X3

    It’s been a busy month for guitars around here. It starts with Brian’s Limited run of SE Holcomb’s. Always wanted to try one, but never really cared for the Holcomb burst finish that it comes in. So when I saw this limited run, I grabbed a trampas green with a really wide flame pattern...
  11. M

    Ordering a cu24 specd like a Holcomb Core Model

    Hey guys, I am looking to do an extended scale guitar, really I love the specs on the Holcomb limited edition core model and want a CU24 with a 25.5’ scale and 20” fretboard radius. Unfortunately I am too late to the party on the limited run 2015 model and I can’t bring myself to buy the SE...
  12. Jwyoung808

    Modified 2017 PRS Mark Holcomb SE

    Finally completed all the appropriate modifications to my Holcomb SE. First I switched out the tuners to Schaller M6 locking tuners, which were pretty much a direct fit. I then swapped out the nut for a Graph Tech Tusq, which I had a professionally installed and set up, this resolved all tuning...