1. invictuz

    Looking for history/info on my Bourgeois PRS Prototype #11

    I am researching the history, travels and general info on my Bourgeois PRS Prototype #11 (of 11 made from what i have read recently). It was acquired at the beginning of the year from a previous owner that had not opened the case since 2012. Until Saturday all i knew about it was that it was a...
  2. Moondog Wily

    Dweezil on Bonamassa Nerdville podcast

    If anyone is interested, Joe Bonamassa interviewed Dweezil Zappa on his podcast. I just listened to it (about an hour long) and there are some good stories in there. Here is the link: https://jbonamassa.com/live-from-nerdville-with-joe-bonamassa-featuring-dweezil-zappa/ Enjoy! MW
  3. J

    WTH guitar is this???

    Hey - I just got a vintage Philharmonic guitar - it seems to be made by the Italian maker Crucianelli, but I can't find a danged thing on the internet about it. Anyone know anything? Thanks!
  4. drdoom8793

    Hollowbody History

    Hey guys! I'm hoping you guys can educate me on some of the differences between the different versions of the Hollowbody model throughout the years. I'm starting to look for one and I'm seeing HBIs, HBIIs, McCartys, Archtops, and all kinds of stuff. What's the difference?
  5. L

    Old Catalogs and Models History

    Hi everyone I was looking for old PRS catalogs to see specs or avalable colors from a specific year. I would like to have it to evaluate buying a used guitar. In a recent purchase I had some doubts about the guitar that I wouldn't have if I had the catalog or some sort of history from the model...