1. Callan

    594 - LT Bridge pickup height

    On my DC594 I find myself constantly pushing the low E string onto the Bridge pickup with the outside of my right hand. I'm leaning on the strings I guess. I was checking the pickup height last night and noticed that the distance from pickup to string is approx. 1mm. If I put a Jazz XL III pick...
  2. N

    Pole Piece's on my Custom 22's Dragons won't move

    Apologies if this is the dumbest question. I just tried to adjust the pole pieces on my covered Dragon pickups and realized they won't move. Is this the way the cover is and I'd have to remove the covers to adjust the poles? Or is this an anomaly? Never bothered to check on this since I bought...
  3. N

    Bridge height + neck relief tightness

    Hello all, I have two PRS, a CU24 and a CU22. Both with tremolo bridge, strung with 10-46s and tuned E-Standard. I bought both second hand/used. When I got the CU24 I got used to a stiffer string tension and didn't really bother with the bridge height. I left it as I received it because the...
  4. JElliott49

    Pickup height maxed out

    Hey, I recently put some Seymour Duncan pickups in my CU24 along with new PRS black pickup rings. My problem is that I can't adjust my pickups to the height I want them. When they get to a certain height there is strain on the pickup rings and they begin to bend (Pics attached). I'm new to...