1. Blakemore

    A little more punch from HBII bridge?

    I absolutely love my HBII, it is the most comfortable and easiest playing guitar I have. So much so, I really want to start using it as my main guitar in a 3 piece rock band but tonally it just isn't quite where I'd like it. However there are times when I wish the guitar had more punch. I...
  2. Mozzi

    Incoming NGD!! HBii with one piece top

    I tried so hard to resist, my bank balance is in tatters but I just had to do it.... This little beauty - a 2018 Hollowbody II w Piezo and a one piece Top/Back - will be joining my PRS family on Tuesday - this is a Photo provided by the shop I am buying it from... I think she will fit right...
  3. Blakemore

    School me on Piezo's

    Hey gang, Looking to dive back into the core game and want a PRS with Piezo. I had an HBI in 2005 that I foolishly sold but would love to get back in with another piezo guitar. I played an HBII and a Custom 22 P today at the Nashville Guitar Center (neither were in colors I prefer) but...
  4. J

    Setting individual string volume Hollowbody II

    I noticed the G-string on my HB II is slightly softer compare to the other strings. I have read this article to setup string volume on humbuckers: http://www.blamepro.com/PRS/Tech_PickupArtist.htm My Hollowbody II comes with covered 57/08 bass and treble. Can you please tell me, which screws...