1. Wakester

    The Missing Link - What do you need to make your collection complete?

    I haven't seen this one come up, so I will ask: Assuming you have the cash and the SO's permission, what PRS Guitar or Guitars do you need to complete your collection? What are your most desired guitars that you could not or have not gotten your hands on? For me, I still need a Blue SE...
  2. X

    Do s2 pickguards fit on SE guitars?

    I was wondering if this would work to give my SE a little more of a professional look. Of course, the blade switch is different on an s2 than the toggle switch on an SE. otherwise, does anyone know if they would fit?
  3. D

    USA Guitars/PRS Core out of reach?

    For most of us who are "working" folks....the core line as beautiful as they are...are just going to be bought mostly by people who are executives or have a lot of money to spare. Now this post is not to troll or criticize rich people, but it's simply a candid question in my mind about will USA...
  4. F

    My cloudy Private Stock

    Hi, First of all, I'm new here. I'm Pete. I'm a big PRS fan. Over many years, I bought several PRSs, including some Private Stocks, ie, Paul's 28, Violin Guitar. I love the designs, craftsmanship, quality, the sound it rings.. to name a few. I currently live in Thailand, and the past...
  5. Wakester

    Get your straps out

    Sometimes our accessories can be as artful as our Guitars. Who has interesting, unusual, beautiful but functional guitar straps to show? I'll start; the Tan with Gold Eagle is a Perri's real leather. Although not officially a PRS, it does look that way. The other one is a fake snakeskin strap I...