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  1. robertoelcappero

    Share your videos and covers!

    Hello everyone! Use this thread to post the videos that you make! Just remember to mention the gear that you used. I'll start: This is a cover of the solo from Bohemian Rhapsody Guitar: PRS CE24 semi-hollow in vintage sunburst Pedals: Formula B fuzz...
  2. Tamas Csiszar

    Emperor - Thus Spake the Nightspirit (Guitar Cover) Anthems to The Welkin At Dusk 20th Annyversary

    Hi PRS lovers, The Anthems to The Welkin At Dusk album from Emperor, came out 20 years ago. I made a cover about my favourite song: Thus Spake the Nightspirit. And of course i used PRS guitars: PRS SE Torero, PRS Mikael Akerfeldt signature I think these guitars are just perfect for Metal...
  3. Tamas Csiszar

    Kataklysm - The Black Sheep (Guitar Cover)

    I love play metal with my PRS's!!! Check out my Kataklysm - The Black Sheep Guitar Cover! I used my Paul Reed Smith SE Torero guitar. Enjoy!
  4. Tamas Csiszar

    Carach Angren - There's no Place Like Home (Guitar Cover)

    Hi PRS fans, I don't know how much of you guys like Symphonic Black Metal in this forum, but i dared to try to play it with my Mikael Akerfeldt signature PRS, from the dutch band: Carach Angren. Let me know your opinion, i don't see too much Extreme Metal band using PRS but I presonally think...
  5. Tamas Csiszar

    Opeth - Sorceress (Guitar Cover)

    Here is my Guitar cover about the new Opeth song calles: Sorceress from the upcoming album. I used my Mikael Akerfeldt signature PRS.