gig bag

  1. Markcarl

    Should I do anything to protect the pickup selector before putting DGT in Mono Gig Bag

    I just got a Mono Vertigo Ultra Electric Guitar Gig Bag. I’ve heard good things about them as an alternative to a hard shell case when you are taking your guitar around town or on a road trip. Some people even fly with them. This is a top loading case. There are two zippers that open from...
  2. E

    McCarty 594 Gig Bag/Case Options - What’s Everyone Using?

    So I absolutely abhor the idea of hauling the paisley case to every gig and practice; it’s a tank and the tolex too nice to beat up like that. What’s everyone hauling their 594’s in? I have a nylon PRS gig bag that came with my Vela, and I know the slightly more plush gig bags that the silver...
  3. Ovibos

    The Tank finally available!

    They've got the Silver Sky gigbag, aka The Tank, up on the accessories site (Also saw it on Sweetwater):
  4. G

    PRS SE EG Restore Question

    I am restoring an 2004 PRS SE EG guitar and was curious if anyone can remember: 1. What color the gig bag for these guitars was? Red, tan, grey? 2. What case candy came with them (i.e.., truss rod wrench, bridge wrench, owner's manual. etc.). I like getting the entire package as close to...