1. MrSuperstar

    Please help: PRS 58/15 LT vs high-end single coils?

    Hi guys, I've long fallen in love with the sound of 58/15 LT pickups, so much so that Iìve ordered them on a PRS that will soon arrive at my home. IMVHO 58/15 LT are the pickups that most resemble the PAFs of the Gibson "golden era", as can be heard in this video. Having said that for the...
  2. Moondog Wily

    Anybody like Gibson?

    I know I am not supposed to post about the other manufacturers, but I could not resist: Enjoy!
  3. TheDoktor

    Hammett to Gibson

    Here comes another grotesquely overpriced Greeny replica! And when Papa Het follows we'll get a grotesquely overpriced Uncle Milty replica! Next up- Dave Mustaine griping that this proves Kirk could only ever copy him.
  4. georgeprs

    Can't decide Les Paul R8 vs PRS DGT

    Done a little video for tone comparison (also in the mix). Main point for Gibson - it will definitely hold better its value. Plus that sound! Main point for PRS - a better playability, less prone for headstock brake (for a 5K guitar I think it's important) and the trem, although it's not that...
  5. J

    Tremonti Treble vs HFS in a Custom 22?

    Hi, I own an SE Custom 22 with a Gibson Dirty Fingers in the bridge (was a big Blink 182 fan at the time I put it in), and I also own a Tremonti SE with the US Tremonti pickups in it which I love the sound of and I’m considering replacing the Dirty Fingers with a Tremonti in the CU22. Has...
  6. A

    Pattern thin neck specs compared to Gibson slim tapper

    Could you share the spec of Pattern Thin necks. Width at nut and thickness at 1st and 12th fret? How does this neck compare with Gibson Sim Tapper necks?
  7. Vanhaye

    Distance (Guitar Instrumental, 1:53)

    For this Guitar Song, my PRS Custom 24 stay in the corner. Listen and look of the song "TOGETHER" with PRS. Distance – Guitar Instrumental (1:53) Part I: Les Paul Classic (2015) Part II: Stratocaster Elite (2015)
  8. belensky

    PRS Custom 22 vs Gibson Les Paul Custom

    As you may know, there are a lot of discussions regarding which guitar is better, Gibson Les Paul or PRS custom 22. I happened to have both, so I made short video comparing them side by side, unplugged and straight to the amp. To my taste PRS sounded a bit better here, but this PRS is really...
  9. danktat

    I hope this doesn't get me banned I have another tattoo that I just did today that I wanted to share. The problem is that it may get me killed (or at least banned) on this particular board. Took five hours to do. And no, I couldn't talk him into an different headstock o_O Anyway, I hope the work itself can...
  10. GavQuinn

    Thoughts on Gibson’s new management/direction?

    Hi peoples, I wanted to kick off a discussion on the latest that we’ve heard. Some new top level mgmt. at Gibson now, Levi’s former boss, and 2 others, one from a luxury goods background, another from supply chain, etc. We’re probably all aware that there’s a flurry or anger and...
  11. guitartalkunedited

    PRS SE vs Cheaper Gibsons

    Hi all, With out trying to flog a dead horse - what are everyones opinions on PRS SE (new) vs cheaper Gibson's (new) ala the £700 mark ($1000). I recently did various direct comparisons in the Guitar Store in an isolated booth and I genuinely couldn't fault the PRS. But the Gibson's finish let...
  12. D

    P94 pickups in PRS?

    Hi everyone, I'm interested in buying a PRS SE Zach Myers (2017 model) and have a few questions please. 1) Is it possible to install Gibson P94 pickups? How would these sound on a PRS? I want that Les Paul Junior/Green Day tone, but want to stick with a PRS model. 2) Besides aesthetics, do I...
  13. P

    Is it simply brand recognition and nostalgia why people keep buying Gibsons and Fenders?

    I get that strats and teles are good and cool guitars, but basically Squier and other knockoffs get you the same thing at a cheaper price, so excluding those, I don't think $500-1000 Fenders nearly stack up to PRS, Ibanez or ESP guitars. PRS offers you the solid, reliable, comfortable...