1. J

    Ziricote Fretboard Maintenance

    I've tried looking around but haven't found a clear answer on this. I recently purchased a Wood Library Custom 24 with a ziricote fretboard, are there any differences in maintaining the wood vs. a normal (ebony or rosewood) fretboard? Just regular cleaning with the PRS cleaner and oiling with...
  2. Santiagobs

    Quality issues with SE McCarty 594 fretboard

    Hello! This is my first post here and would like to hear thoughts on my first experience buying a PRS SE. I got the McCarty 594 model in Faded Black colour. In summary, I am already in my second guitar after exchanging the first one and both have more or less the same quality issues in the...
  3. stankbank

    Is this the wood grain pattern...or...finishing problems?

    This is my newer SE 245. This weird mark on the fretboard...doesn't seem like it is the natural grain/pattern of the wood, but almost like a glue stain that was wiped off fast or was there since the day I unboxed it but never thought about it until now. Any thoughts?
  4. Steven Mal

    Flattening a fretboard? (re-radius)

    I have an SE Custom 24. I love it but there are two things I don't like: the pick-ups, which I can change (duh), and the 10" fretboard radius. I don't need a crazy flat fretboard like 20", but I find it easier to play my Strats (10"-14" radius) and Gibson Explorer (12" radius). Is it possible to...
  5. Eatcubensis

    Normal wear for a maple SS?

    Purchased those polar blue silver sky back in December. Intermediate player with 1 hour a day average play. Not too worried about it, but is this kind of wear expected so soon? Are my sweaty hands a natural destroyer of fine finishes?
  6. Patrick Montgomery

    Sapwood in Ziricote Fretboard - a problem?

    I recently purchased a Wood Library McCarty 594 with a ziricote fretboard. The guitar is beautiful, but there is some sapwood on the first fret of the FB. I didn’t see the sapwood in the pictures on the listing, and it really bothers me. I have 7 other PRS guitars and have never had this on any...
  7. B

    Silver Sky Maple Neck Shape

    I've been searching for a 2020 Silver Sky with the modified neck shape that has the rounder shoulders. It was announced that 2020 would mark the year maple necks/fretboards were offered. I'm curious, does anyone know if the maple neck has that rounder Neck profile? If not, anyone knows when...
  8. snoopy

    Pre Factory Rosewood Fretboard Finish Repair?

    The finish on my 1989 Custom 24 rosewood fretboard has spots where years of play has created worn out spots on the fretboard. It appears to have worn through any finish that was applied by the factory. The finish is also lifting on the edges in some places. Is there a way to build up the finish...
  9. Ironwolf

    Ziricote Fretboard -Tone Scouting mission

    ziricote seems to be creeping into fretboards more and more. I've had my eye on several PRS guitars with ziricote fretboard. I probably would probably own one now if they had Brazilian rosewood. I've tried to do my 30 minutes of Ziricote homework. She is a beautiful looking wood,very...
  10. Leonardo Caruso

    SE CU24 x S2 Std Satin 24 - (Which Should I Buy?)

    Hi guys. Hoping not to create a thread that already exists. Looked in forum and couldn't find the answer to this. It's my first time at this forum and it will be my first PRS too. And I'm really in need of help to decide if I should buy a SE Custom 24 (2017 Trampas Green) or a S2 Standard 24...
  11. Michele Caprio

    Guitar necks & fretboards

    Hello everyone, I am new to the forum, and I don't really know if this topic has been covered yet, so forgive me in advance. Do you think it would be possible to have a rosewood unique piece neck & fretboard? Thanks!