fret buzz

  1. C

    PRS SE Custom 22 Semi-Hollow extrem fret buzz due to weather conditions

    Hey everyone, I bought a PRS SE Custom 22 Semi-Hollow Santana yellow on July 9th at GC in San Bernardino, CA. The action was super high in the store so I took it to their Luthier to get a proper set up. When I got the guitar back it played well but not as expected. There was still some buzz and...
  2. J

    New CE24 Fret Buzz-is it a me thing?

    I recently purchased a new PRS CE 24. Very pleased with my purchase. That said, I've noticed it's got a sting buzz on E A and D I can't shake This is the first guitar I have purchased or really played on other than my 06 MIM Strat, so it's entirely possible I'm just very used to the way that...
  3. R

    PRS SE 245 11th Fret Buzz issue

    Hi guys, I was trying to possibly find a solution to my problem in one of the existing threads but neadless to say, there's too many threads and i am not able to search. So apologies in advance if i am creating a new thread for this. Anyhow... I recently bought a second hand PRS SE 245 which...
  4. J

    Silver Sky Fret Buzz

    Hey everybody! I got my Silver Sky not too long ago but it seems to have some excessive fret buzz. I've adjusted relief to match specs and have taken the action even a bit higher than factory, but I still have buzz all up and down the neck. This is especially bad on the low E/A strings, where...
  5. rnodern

    Setup Help - Possible neck or nut issues

    So a little while ago, I picked up a Core Tremonti really cheap. I knew that it wasn't well looked after like i look after my own, but I thought with a bit of TLC I could at least get it to play and sound great. The action was SUPER high. All the string saddles were on their highest settings...