first prs

  1. Chris Crumpton

    Long time forum reader first time poster

    Hey all so I’ve been kind of stalking the forum for years reading on my dream guitar as much as possible. Note I’ve owned a few PRS SE’s and loved them all but my dream has been to own a “real” American made PRS since I was 14 years old. I turn 40 this year and I finally own a PRS CE24 Satin...
  2. Joseph Berlin

    Picking up my first PRS this weekend!!!

    New member here, hello hello!!! Been playing guitar since I was 11 (27 years of age now) and have somehow gone all this time without owning a PRS, which is practically a sin. On Sunday I will be picking up a mint condition (literally unplayed) 2014 Custom 24 with an aquableux 10 top quilt maple...
  3. A

    Amp for a PRS SE Custom 24

    I just purchased my first PRS guitar and I absolutely love the feel of the guitar, however I have a line 6 Spider IV and the tone is just not what I want. What amps should I look into buying?
  4. krugerj

    NGD! My first PRS!! (photos inside)

    Hey guys! I have finally come over from the dark side and picked up my first PRS... and it's beautiful! It's a Paul Reed Smith Custom 22 in Antique Violin Amber. It's a 1999 which is the first year of production for the short-lived left-handed core series. I will post another post in a few days...
  5. pennyroyal

    NGD Private Stock McCarty 594 with Northern Lights Finish

    My first PRS guitar arrived today! How does it smell so good? Is it the case? It's the most comforting thing! I'll show first, then tell. Here's the story: While I was visiting family for the holidays, my brother-in-law and I were headed to Guitar Center to window shop but then he...