1. D

    Fiore SE?

    I’ve trawled the threads so I’m sorry if this has been asked already. Has anybody any idea if we will see a Fiore SE anytime soon. I am in love after playing a larkspur blue but the reality is I will never be able to put up the price for a core instrument like that. I was really impressed...
  2. S

    Silver Sky neck on a Fiore body?

    I’d love to know your thoughts on if it’s possible to put a SS neck on a Fiore body, and if so, would you want to?! I’m aware of all the reasons why the Fiore neck is designed the way it is and yes it’s a beautiful neck as is, no complaints there.
  3. Julien

    NGD Fiore Black Iris Mod

    So!! After a rocky start (faulty microphonic Humbucker, and these vintage locking tuner not staying in tune), I can finally celebrate a NGD here!! The humbucker has been swapped for a brand new one that PRS Europe kindly sent. I also upgraded the tuners to the Phase III (I just love them on my...
  4. DarkskyZ

    To get or not to get a Fiore...

    I am in a bit of a « struggle » at the moment (very relative of course but hey this is Internet right ?). I am trying to decide if buying a Fiore is in my future. The problem is not if I can buy it, I sure can but I just can’t decide if I shall do so. First of all is it a model that will add...
  5. tyfu20

    NGW(week) Trifecta

    So there's been a lot of activity at the tyfu20 household this past week. I recently sold 3, a S2 Singlecut Semi-Hollow, S2 DC 594, and Silver Sky, all great guitars in their own right, but each furthered an itch that with some phenomenal low bidding came to fruition. So I present to you my...
  6. Julien

    Brand new Fiore - Feedback Humbucker issue

    Hi everyone, Before I start, I already emailed PRS customer service and I'm waiting for their reply, but thought I would get some opinions from the very knowledgeable people here as always. I just received my brand new PRS Fiore today purchased from a store in Belgium (I live in France), and...
  7. Julian

    Fiore thoughts?

    Hello, Anyone have experience with the Fiore? Pros and cons? Looking for clean glassy tones, with hint of reverb and delay.
  8. P

    Hard case for the Fiore

    Does anyone know if the Fiore will get its own hard case? I can't seem to find anything about this. If not, would a PRS multi-fit case work? Many thanks.