1. Woggers

    Fake 7 string on eBay.

    Someone bid on it too... If you have small children at home, ask them to leave the room before clicking the link. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Paul-Reed-Smith-2727-Custom-24-7-String-Electric-Guitar-W-Case-Strings/194008815621?hash=item2d2bd39805:g:wCoAAOSwyLtgZSpw
  2. mrcnn

    Real or fake 513?

    Hello everyone, I'm looking for my first PRS guitar, and i have to confess, i'm in love with PRS 513 :) There is one instrument in my price range, but I just want to be sure that this guitar is the real deal... Can you help me with that? Body and head shape looks genuine, but serial number does...
  3. A

    Is this a fake singlecut SE? Need help!

    Hey everyone! 1st of all, I don't want this to come across as spam, I just didn't know where else to turn to at the moment. I really need some help identifying a possible fake before I actually do business with this person. Anyway, I contacted this person if they'd be interested in trading...
  4. Begood

    Did I get Ripped off? :)

    So i bought my First PRS Custom 24 2014 off Reverb. The one in the profile pic. $2000 It seemed like a Great Buy.. When i Received the Guitar I noticed more Dings than were mentioned. One Varnish smudge that he mentioned was on the neck was more like a small Hit to the neck.. Anyways the guitar...
  5. Ovibos

    This is fake, right?

    https://reverb.com/item/16422003-1998-prs-flamed-ten-top-maple But I don't know much about really old employee guitars... Here's my thinking, none of which I'm sure about: Absolutely nothing on headstock, either side Controls in wrong places (volume seems too far from strings), no carve...
  6. M

    Is this a Real PRS SE Custom 22 SH? or a fake one?

    Hello iam trying to sell my Gibson Les Paul Studio and i came across a guy who wants to trade it with hes PRS SE Custom 22 Semihollow, the guy sended my this pictures but its kind of hard to tell if its real or fake, the only thing i found strange was the guitar strap holder, that he admited to...
  7. S

    Special 22

    So this guy guy is selling a beautiful PRS Special 22. I was wondering what experiences people have with it. How do the pick ups compare? Do they sound modern or vintage PAF like? Also, there is no case candy included. It looks real to me, but I'm new and far from an expert. Can anyone tell from...
  8. J

    Problem with PRS 92/3 identity

    Hi guys, I've got problem with PRS identity. I dont know is it real or not. I wanted to buy this one, but first i need to check is it authentic or not. Some pics below.