1. Julian

    PRS Experience Guitars

    Hey could someone explain what the PRS Experience guitars are?
  2. Ironwolf

    NGD - Pauls Guitar; Experience the TCI in Black Gold

    so I feel like I should be starting the 12 step program, First admit that your powerless, whenever you see a bottle (guitar) of black gold you must have it. I'm starting to think I should go to a program for guitar addicts. I am so weak I can't resist. I've only had it for about 4 hours. but...
  3. G

    Experience ?s and advice

    Hello all, Headed to the Experience for the first time this year and am interested in purchasing my first prs guitar while there. Looking for some answers from PRS players/owners and people who have attended: • Any tips/advice you can give me to keep in mind on shopping in this environment? •...
  4. Tosca

    NExpGD...The 594...

    I went into PRSX with the best of intentions...All I really wanted was a 594...and I already had one reserved from Brian's upcoming WL 594 run (And have you seen the tops picked for those? Crazy nice.) Had to do a triple take when I saw this one...I thought all of the original GOM 594 February...
  5. polarbipolar

    NGD: 408 SH Experience

    So this thing just landed at my door a couple of days ago. Did not have a chance to start a proper NGD thread until today. It is a semi-hollow 408 in vintage sunburst created specifically for 2013 Experience event (limited to 50 or 100 guitars, I do not know honestly). The differences from...