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electric guitar

  1. charvel1975

    PRS Metal Pickup Set In PRS SE Custom 24?

    Hello everyone I just discovered some of the USA made PRS pickups offerings and ran across the Metal pickup set, what's your thoughts on these pickups? I have a stock 2021 PRS SE Custom 24 with the 85/15s pickups.
  2. B

    Standard 22 Re-finished?

    Hey everyone. Was just after some guidance as I've been looking at this 2nd hand 2002 Standard 22 - the guy says that he thinks it could have been sanded down from a platinum sparkle due to the silver paint in the control cavities, but he's not sure. This may be a make or break for me, if it's...
  3. T

    Floating Bridge - b Exceptionally High

    I lowered my action as far as I could without buzz, and my b string is higher than my e & g string. 1) is this likely an issue with the way the nut is cut? 2) How would you recommend changing this? https://imgur.com/a/uHZdd6K Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks.
  4. L

    Identification of an electric PRS hollow body guitar

    Hello everybody. I was the Lucky son of a PRS guitar owner who left us a few years ago. Since he got me hooked on the six strings, part with those instruments isn't an easy task. But he left me a lot of them and I Don't like them to sit in his office unused. One of my father's friend told me...
  5. Gaige Nale

    Recently Purchased an SE 245 singlecut (Indonesian)

    So far loving my SE 245. The way the strings bend on the 24.5" scale neck is absolutely great compared to the american pro tele i'm used to. I am currently using a 50 watt boss katana amp and am looking to get more of a classic 60-70s treble sound out of the guitar. I am fairly new to modding...
  6. timmypix

    NGD! 2007 Singlecut Satin

    I first saw this on Facebook three weeks ago, as someone in Leeds was shifting it on at a very tempting price for a quick sale. I stared at it all evening, but there was no way I could get over to Leeds to pick it up, and watched it go the very next day. Then here I am browsing the forum and...
  7. G

    SE 245 pickup suggestions

    Hello friends! I'm new to this forum and am the proud new owner of my first se 245 in whale blue. I'm pretty new to the electric guitar world but have played classical guitar for several years in college. Before purchasing the se 245, I played the S2 and a rare p245 and was very impressed by...
  8. M

    What are the best locking tuners to replace the PRS SE Mark Holcomb stock tuners?

    Hey everyone, wanting to replace the tuners on the PRS Mark Holcomb sig w/ preferably matte black locking tuners, but I'm not too sure what are some compatible tuners. does anyone have any ideas? Thanks!
  9. S

    Guitar Styles&Genres that have the most in common with classical guitar ?!

    Hey guys! First I'm sorry for my bad english I am a classical guitar player for 4 years more or less , I just bought an electric guitar and i just cant find my genre! I mean i like some songs in each genre but not all of them , so i thought maybe i should start with a genre that has the most in...
  10. B

    Prs SE help

    Hey guys first post. So i just bought a brand new se custom 24, and it arrived 2 days ago. The thing is gorgeous, but some things are concerning me. The set up is atrocious, but on top of that the tone knob is scratchy, and the coil tap makes strange pops when you press it in. Also, when I play...
  11. Michele Caprio

    Guitar necks & fretboards

    Hello everyone, I am new to the forum, and I don't really know if this topic has been covered yet, so forgive me in advance. Do you think it would be possible to have a rosewood unique piece neck & fretboard? Thanks!
  12. A

    Need help deciding which PRS I should get

    Hey guys I am new to the forum and I am looking to get back into playing guitar, I stopped playing a few years ago dues to lack of time and funds but now I am ready to get another guitar. After much research I have decided that a used PRS SE is the way to go for high quality on a low budget...