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  1. Moondog Wily

    Trey Anastasio of Phish geeking with 2021 tour rig

    Stumbled on to this video of Tray Anastasio geeking/explaining his 2021 tour rig! Very interesting to see what effects/amps he is using and how he is using them. I found his "composition" to be fairly annoying by the end, sounded like a hot mess IMO (and I love Phish), but I still watched all...
  2. danktat

    Going Digital?!?! ME?!?!?

    Yes, me.....Mr stomp box purist is dipping my toe in the digital processing realm. I got too good a deal on this to turn it down. It has been gigged but you wouldn't know it from the condition. And the Reviews I have read and seen on youtube. And even the A/B next to the Helix seems to be pretty...
  3. danktat

    What is on your pedal board

    OK pedal nerds, what do you have on your board and in what order? I am running an original Cry Baby wah, into my Behringer chromatic tuner-->Ibanez TS9-->Ibanez Tube Screamer mini (TS808 circuit)-->Boss CS-3 compression sustainer-->Behringer UC200 chorus-->Mosky blue delay--> Digitech JamMan...
  4. GavQuinn

    Van Weelden Royal Overdrive

    Hi Guys, Just checking; has anyone got one and uses one of these? If so, what do you think? Interested in what amp and what mode/bright settings that you use for that amp. Thanks, Gavin
  5. B

    Custom 20/50 effects loop noise reduction strategies

    Soliciting the group for ideas! I got my repaired Custom 20 back from PRS Tech a few months ago and they fixed the distortion roar I was getting from my effects loop - it was great to have the amp back. But I still am getting more noise in the effects loop than I want - and maybe that's just the...