dustie waring

  1. Abraham Montalvo

    Need help! looking for PRS Dustie Waring volume and tone knobs

    If anyone can guide me or help me finding these I would gladly appreciate it!!!
  2. jiagap

    Dustie Waring Signature

    Hello All, Been playing for years, rock and jazz and cleans. Have several nice guitars but never a PRS, nor do I play metal. I was at Guitar Center last week and playing guitars in their used section and saw this PRS Dustie Waring signature guitar. Had no idea what it was. Started playing it...
  3. D

    Any CE24 DW - Dustie Waring owners out there?

    Howdy! The DW neck is described at thinner than the normal PRS CE Thin, that has me a bit concerned. I find the normal CE Thin to be about perfect for me, a little thinner "might" work but I'm not sure I want to drop $2500 only to find out this thing is just a notch above an Ibanez Wizard. Does...