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dragon ii

  1. G

    Upgraded SE Santana good buy?

    I found a used Sananta (older model I believe). Looks in good condition, I don't think it originally had coil split, but it was upgraded to have it, and with Dragon 2 pickups, coil split, and tuners. Asking, the equivalent, of $620 USD. Keep in mind, things a generally a little more pricey...
  2. K

    Adding Dragon II and push/pull pots to se 245

    Hi, I was looking at buying a set of dragon ii’s and wanted to see if anyone had a wiring diagram from adding a set of push/pull pots and a break down of the wires on the dragon pickups. Thanks!
  3. danktat

    Random Top Shot

    I usually like a girl's top to be off. But this Brazilian girl is a 10 with her top on. (Only a PRS nerd will understand... lol) Hat is from my luthier at J Guitars. Got bored so I took a cell phone shot....just because.
  4. danktat

    Brazilian Girl (pix)

    Sometimes, there is no more beautiful a girl than a Brazilian. :-D I am sorry I don't have much of a variety of PRSs to post, but here is what I got. Hope you don't get bored seeing her. Thanks for looking.
  5. C

    Dragon I vs Dragon II Pickups

    I've only found 2 videos of people demoing the Dragon I pickups and the audio was recorded with the built-in microphone in an old cellphone camera. What are the differences between the Dragons and Dragon IIs? Which one's are darker? Which one's are higher output? I play Rock, Hard Rock and...