1. Utkarsh

    Collection Chronicles: My 'DGT of DOOM'

    Some of you are aware that I have a DGT lurking about in the collection. Fewer of you are aware that I have modified it to an inch of its life (not really. I just liked the turn of phrase) Jokes apart, my 2018 Charcoal Purple Burst DGT is one of my favourite guitars, particularly because it...
  2. Rowjah

    Downtuning a Core Custom 24 with Gen III Tremolo...?

    Hello Everyone, Just recently bought my first PRS and it's a 35th anniversary Custom 24 with the tremolo. I absolutely love it. I was wondering if anyone has ever successfully downtuned this beast to C (C-F-A#-D#-G-C) without fully disabling the trem? I know it's not ideal to downtune guitars...