doug aldrich

  1. AZGiant

    Tremonti SE

    I own a low end George Lynch strat style body that I dropped a Suhr Doug Aldrich in. Sounds good, but I think that pup belongs in a mahogany body LP type guitar as it sounds thin. So thinking about buying a Tremonti SE and dropping in the Doug Aldrich. Not sure if anyone has swapped pups in a...
  2. X

    New Suhr Doug Aldrich Pickup install & MT15 play through!

    Hey all!!! X here & I hope everyone is still Rocking out on their PRS Amps!!!! I’ve been going through a lot of new and different pickup selections for my different non-PRS guitars. #sorrynotsorry :D I’m a fan of the Steve Stevens Bareknuckle Pickups & his “Rebel Yell” set. I love a Motor...