1. RickF

    PRS SE Hollowbody II with Piezo comments /question

    Hi, I have gigged a bit with the my new PRS SE Hollowbody II Piezo. A couple things that I am a little surprised at. The battery compartment for the piezo is a disaster waiting to happen. Having the wires pull out with the battery compartment seems a suspect design decision at best. I know at...
  2. S

    Help With 57/08 Pickups Now Installed

    Hey Everyone, I installed a set of 57/08 pickups into my PRS McCarty (2005). I love the sound of these, but am finding something I need help with. With a fresh set of Elixir Optiweb strings, if I hit the bass string too hard it sounds like either string buzz or distortion is coming through the...
  3. Marty Canaday

    Amp with Good Reverb, Distortion, and Delay?

    I'm playing a PRS S2 Custom 24 with a Blackstar HT Club 40 MKII amplifier. The Blackstar has great reverb and distortion but does not have delay. I could use a delay pedal in an effects loop, but I would prefer the amp to have a delay option. Does anyone know of a tube amp that has good reverb...