1. Quilt Man

    24-08 Pickup Swap

    I'm looking at getting a 24-08 that has 85/15 TCI humbuckers, but I would like to swap those out for Dimarzio Rainmaker & Dreamcatcher set. The only thing I need to find out is if there would be any issues wiring the Dimarzio's to take advantage of the 24-08 electronics mini toggle switching...
  2. R

    DiMarzio Steve’s Special or PRS 85/15S ?

    Regarding the bridge position, is anyone familiar with both these pickups that can offer info about how similar or different they might be? Is one hotter/compressed, are they EQed similarly etc. Might be an obscure question so thanks for any input.
  3. Esteban Jose Alvarado

    245 "S" vs Dimarzio/Seymour Duncan/others

    Hi! First post here :) I just purchased a SE Zach Myers and I'm really liking the 245 "S" pickups. I have a SE Custom 7 string that I put a pair of Dimarzio PAF 7's in and that I found to sound pretty similar to the 245's. The 245 might have a little more top end, but not that much. Probably...
  4. R

    Which Seymour Duncan or Dimarzio pickups are most similar to 85/15s?

    The Dimarzio pickup site lists each pickup with a relative output number for bass, mids, and treble, plus overall output, example bass-6 mid-7.5 treble-5 output 380 so you can compare pickups relative to each other. Does anyone have an idea how the PRS 85/15s pickups EQ curve and output compare...