dead spot

  1. Justme_223

    *RESOLVED* Vintage PRS CE24 - Temporary Dead Spot Solution

    Hello everyone! I am new to the PRS community. I recently purchased one of my dream guitars. It is a 1991 alder bodied PRS CE24 that I find absolutely beautiful. I can take more pictures if you guys want! However, there is one major problem with it. After doing some comparisons with my...
  2. iLookLikeElvis

    Dead spot on 594, B string, 12th fret?

    Hi all, Noticed last night that I have a dead spot on my new 594, B string at the 12th fret - the fretted note quickly decays/has little sustain. This also happens at the 11th fret to a lesser extent. I haven't really noticed it anywhere else on the fretboard. When I place the headstock...