dead and company

  1. VirginiaAve

    Dead Spec Day

    A big three cheers to PRS, Jack Gretz and the amazing folks at NE Music Center, and Mayer and Co for this guitar!!! Stunning finish, but it's really all about the tone The Stratoblaster and all the brass and fixed trem really make this a true tonal masterpiece. If you want the sounds of...
  2. D

    John Mayer “Honey” McCarty

    So I’ve been spending quite a lot of time and effort trying to figure out this guitar, mainly the electronics/wiring. I emailed PRS directly about the mini switches, and what they told me was that the guitar has “an overall coil tap and a ‘neck switch position selector’. Does anyone know what...
  3. startedwithone

    Catalog of Mayer's Dead and Co. Guitars

    Post all you know re JM's guitars on stage with Dead & Company. I hope this is the first time this has been done, I don't mean to copy anyone... Focus is on non-stock Super Eagles and his McCarty models, etc. (but feel free to talk about the Super Eagles too). Stay Grateful (~):]