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dave weiner

  1. Dave Weiner

    Ready for a swim? New 7-string Private Stock!

    Hey folks. Hope you've all been well. Thought you might enjoy a look at my new PS 7. Quick specs: Maple over ash, Maple board/neck. Dimarzio Blaze 7 pickups. Northern Lights finish. I said on the spec sheet "just pick the craziest flame you can find". Here's a...
  2. Dave Weiner

    New Private Stock 6-string arrived...

    Hi folks. First time posting here, but as you're all PRS enthusiasts, I thought you may enjoy this. Last April, about a month before I headed out on the Vai Passion & Warfare world tour, I spec'd out two new PRSs with Rich. We did one 6-string and one 7-string. The 6-string arrived last week...