custom color

  1. P

    Franken Foil Custom24

    First post, not exactly new ngd but just wanted to share, I'll preface by saying I normally don't head for PRS section and even less any guitars with green finish. But a private seller a while back showed me a custom 24 with emerald/jade finish that I've never seen on any PRS let alone any other...
  2. Ovibos

    SNGD :-(

    Sad New Guitar Day... As some of you may know, I missed out on a custom color purple S2 CU24 a while back, and have been jonesing since. When I stumbled on a Sparkle Deep Purple S2 CU24 35th, I jumped on it. Got a good deal from the mom&pop store. It arrived today, and as advertised it looks...
  3. KennethDale

    Owners/Listings of PRS S2 McCarty 594 Custom Finish? This one in the link is no longer available. I purchased the only other one like it that I can confirm exists. Here is mine: Who else has one/ knows of any custom color S2 McCarty...