custom 24 se

  1. M

    PRS Custom 24 SE Pickup Install Help

    Hello, I ordered a set of Mojotone PW Hornets and wanted to attempt to install them myself; however, I'm finding myself to be overwhelmed in understanding what's actually going on here. I have a basic understanding of pots and switches but have never installed pickups before and all the...
  2. Begood

    Did I get Ripped off? :)

    So i bought my First PRS Custom 24 2014 off Reverb. The one in the profile pic. $2000 It seemed like a Great Buy.. When i Received the Guitar I noticed more Dings than were mentioned. One Varnish smudge that he mentioned was on the neck was more like a small Hit to the neck.. Anyways the guitar...
  3. A

    Problems importing into Canada?

    Hi guys, I ordered the 2018 PRS SE Custom 24 Zebrawood more than a month ago. My local guitar dealer said that PRS was having trouble shipping guitars into Canada because of the rosewood fret board and the shell inlays. I checked in with PRS customer service via email and they confirmed the...