custom 24 floyd

  1. S

    Strings on guitar with Floyd Rose

    Hello, I have a new Custom 24 Floyd (got it last month) and I want to buy some strings in case I have a string that breaks. As I have no experience with a Floyd Rose (but watched some tutorials to learn how to restring the guitar), I want to keep the exact same string gauges in order not to...
  2. Cory A.W.

    PRS Custom 24 Cobalt Floyd

    Just arrived at Flores Music in Peoria, IL! Matching cobalt binding. One of my favorite colors, $4400 usd. Tell them Cory sent you.
  3. Mozzi

    NGD: Custom 24 'Floyd' - It's here now...

    Having recently picked up a PRS 594 Hollowbody ii - something with a 'vintage' vibe, I have now added what can really be described as at the other end of the spectrum - Modern, high(er) output Pickups, 24 frets and of course a Floyd Rose trem system... As expected, my incoming 2019 Custom 24...