1. Jesse

    Looking for Info!!

    Hey everyone, looking for as much info on this guitar as possible. unfortunately all I have is this photo.... Color, and year, and pickups are the big ones! All I know is shes a CU24 with mother of pearl dot inlays?
  2. Vitali Bilinski

    Deftones - My Own Summer (guitar cover by Vitali Bilinski)

    My cover of the song called "My Own Summer (shove it)" by Deftones. Recording, editing, mixing and mastering by Vitali Bilinski. All the rights of the original song go to their respective owners. Make sure to leave your comments below and if you liked it, thumbs up and subscribe because there...
  3. Rachmaninoff

    Extracting some clean tones out of my CU24... they're beautiful!

    Improvising along with a looper, using only the clean tones of my 2004 teal black Custom 24, with HFS and Vintage Bass pickups. This is the best sounding guitar I've ever had in my life, seriously... :eek:
  4. Flip

    New to the forum - Visual content included

    Hi, i'm new to the forum - although i've been a passive viewer for a few weeks now. Great people, topics and help around here, so i thought i'd contribute a little (and also try the picture functions :D). I have been into PRS guitars for about a year now and love the construction, attention to...
  5. JElliott49

    Pickup height maxed out

    Hey, I recently put some Seymour Duncan pickups in my CU24 along with new PRS black pickup rings. My problem is that I can't adjust my pickups to the height I want them. When they get to a certain height there is strain on the pickup rings and they begin to bend (Pics attached). I'm new to...