1. shimmilou

    Best SE ever?

    NGD, SE DGT Goldtop with moons, just an outstanding guitar in all aspects. IMO, the best SE ever. Once I heard DGh say that he forgot for a minute that he was playing the SE and not his core, because it is "that close" to the core, I had to try one, and I am thrilled that I did, it sounds amazing.
  2. shimmilou

    SE Cu24 Mods, mini toggles

    Tried a set of SD Alnico II pickups, and didn’t care for the sound compared to the stock 85/15 S. Putting the stock 85/15 S pickups back in, but wanted to add covers, both for looks and for the subtle sound difference the covers add, slightly less edgy, just a bit smoother sound. While changing...
  3. Poisivede

    Help me decide :/

    Hello guys! I am keeping my beautiful standard 22 ‘01 and decided to add a cu24, so I started to look around and found two models in perfect conditions: cu24 25th anniversary (smoked amber) and cu24 20th anniversary (scarlet red). I played both and both are great but I can’t choose one over the...
  4. Moondog Wily

    NSD (New Song Day) - "King Of MW"

    My song release for this week was penned in 2018, and has finally made it out of my head so I can move on!! Give a listen if you are so inclined and thanks in advance for any feedback (good and bad welcome, I have thick skin)!!! HBII (Hoorman...
  5. Moondog Wily

    Giddy-Up With A Whiskey Cup

    Fun story to go with this one! PRS Forum member @danktat posted a thread on May 17 titled "Friday Night Drinking Thread". I was the first to respond and my words were "Giddy-up with a whisky cup!" which I typed based on the picture, and an old fiends penchant for saying "Giddy-Up" when we are...
  6. Moondog Wily

    NGD - Wolfy MooNAMM

    Let us pray! Dear Paul Who art in Stevensville Hallowed be thy game Thy guitars strum Like from heaven strung With all amps on eleven And give us this play Our daily shred As we attempt to flow The worth of your genius And Reed us on to acquisition Of more of your product For thine is the...
  7. Moondog Wily

    NSD - "Seeds We Sow"

    Newest new song day for Moondog Wily was the release of "Seeds We Sow". I wrote this song in March of 2018 and decided a couple of weeks ago, it would be the next release. So I figured out the parts, recorded it, mixed it, made the artwork and released it via bandcamp and distrokid. So let it be...
  8. Moondog Wily

    NSD - "Put A Smile On"

    New Song Day - "Put A Smile On" This was kind of a forced (by me) assignment to try and start writing more positive material. It turned out OK IMO. Let me know what y'all think! I believe a lot of people need a message like this right now ;~)) Birtha Luna Bluvi is the guitar used on this track...
  9. Moondog Wily

    NSD - "Peeka Boo Luna"

    A real rush job here, but had to get this one out the door in honor of this year's 3rd full moon! Part of my song release plan this year (song a week) is that each moon cycle, the song released for that week is moon related. This is the third moon song of the year. First was "Howlin' At The...
  10. Moondog Wily

    "Cold Day In Summer" from Moondog Wily

    Well, my new CU24 "Birtha Luna Bluvi" has made her debut on this new track just released (via distrokid and bandcamp). She is both lead and rhythm on this number. MM Stingray for bass. All feedback positive and negative appreciated!
  11. Moondog Wily

    NGD! Birtha Luna Bluvi

    Hi, my name is Wily and I'm an addict ;~(( My first hit was on Feb 4, 2021, and on March 09, 2021, my second hit arrived. A third is on layaway! Help me Obe Wan, you are my only hope! This new guitar (a 24 CU Violet Blue Burst) has been christened Birtha Luna Bluvi. Translation is as follows...
  12. C

    Have CE24 but looking for a Core: CU24 or 594?

    I got my first taste of PRS from a CE24 Semi-hollow. The quality is superb, I can't wait to get my hands on PRS's flagship Core line. Initially I had my eyes set on CU24 but I went to a guitar store and played a McCarty 594. It was equally mind-blowingly good. I thought I liked Pattern Thin...
  13. S

    WTB: 85/15 Squibbons for a CU24.

    If you have a set of 85/15 pickups for a CU24 (5 way switch) and you want to sell them, please let me know. Thank You, Sean
  14. C

    CU24 has tight fret spacing. Would CU22 solve the my problem?

    Dear PRS owners, I have a CE24 with pattern thin neck and I love it. I am planning to get a CU24. However, I am noticing a slight discomfort when I am sitting down with CE24 and accessing the higher frets 20+. When I am standing, my left hand can be angled perfectly perpendicular to the neck...
  15. J

    New Guitar from a long time lurker! + Artist Package News - PICS ADDED

    Been on this forum reading for years, never signed up but today is the day I guess. I've had a couple of PRS guitars (and a few other guitars) - believe it or not I am a one trick pony, I only have one guitar at a time because I am always moving around and don't like having too much stuff, plus...
  16. C

    CU24 (1996) 5way toggle sound problem (cracks)

    Hello all, i am new to this forum, so cheers to everyone! i´ve recently become the proud owner of 6 28305 crescent, and while it took a while to get used to the comparably low output (and still need to adjust my right hand play), i like the versatility of the tone a lot, it is the finest...
  17. pauloqs

    NGD Custom 24-08

    Thank you for helping make a decision. I was torn between a CE24 and a Custom 24-08. Then as I was browsing Reverb saw this one, a new 2018 model of the Custom 24-08 going for $2,600.00. It’s a regular figure top in Aquamarine. The photos don’t do a good job capturing the actual color. In...
  18. pauloqs

    CE24 vs Custom 24-08 Help

    hi, I’ve owned 2 CE24 which I ended up returning. I believe I was unlucky with my previous two CE24s. The guitars felt absolutely amazing and sounded amazing, but had a few issues that I do not believe is the norm with these guitars. I’m willing to give it another go with the CE24. However, I’m...
  19. G

    NGD First PRS!!! Custom 24 from the Experience

    Got my first PRS the other day (technically bought at the experience, but needed to be shipped). Custom 24 in either Dark Cherry Sunburst or Autumn Sky? Not sure about the color maybe someone could clear that up for me. Is a joy to play though and sounds great.
  20. N

    Bridge height + neck relief tightness

    Hello all, I have two PRS, a CU24 and a CU22. Both with tremolo bridge, strung with 10-46s and tuned E-Standard. I bought both second hand/used. When I got the CU24 I got used to a stiffer string tension and didn't really bother with the bridge height. I left it as I received it because the...