1. L

    NGD Custom 24-08 cobalt blue

    I've read the stories about people having a long wait when ordering a core model, but 18months definitely put my patience to the test. Glad it's finally over.
  2. T

    SE 24-08 vs SE Paul’s Guitar

    Hi Guys - I’m in the UK & both guitars (SE 24-08 & SE Paul’s Guitar) are a similar price and I have held/tinkered with both of them, they both felt great & comfortable (though I’d prefer a satin neck) and from what I can see spec wise, they’re quite similar. Could some of you more experienced...
  3. pauloqs

    NGD Custom 24-08

    Thank you for helping make a decision. I was torn between a CE24 and a Custom 24-08. Then as I was browsing Reverb saw this one, a new 2018 model of the Custom 24-08 going for $2,600.00. It’s a regular figure top in Aquamarine. The photos don’t do a good job capturing the actual color. In...
  4. pauloqs

    CE24 vs Custom 24-08 Help

    hi, I’ve owned 2 CE24 which I ended up returning. I believe I was unlucky with my previous two CE24s. The guitars felt absolutely amazing and sounded amazing, but had a few issues that I do not believe is the norm with these guitars. I’m willing to give it another go with the CE24. However, I’m...