1. Bordonbert

    Bernie Marsden headless jack plate screw, any advice on removal?

    Hi guys. Right from the start let me say, I'm a sweaty player like you would not believe! Within half an hour at a gig I'm dripping with sweat right down to my arms and hands and that makes for a slick and acid guitar which I have to clean very regularly. My PRS is a 2017 Bernie Marsden which...
  2. Jay j

    String storage in high humidity

    I had 2 sets of electric 9.5 strings that I bought 13 months ago. When I opened the envelopes, the plain strings had rust areas. I took a scotch brite pad to clean them off, but the corrosion had eaten into the strings and the 1st string broke in the middle of the neck. I tried one from the...