1. detuned

    Buying a new core online

    I played the custom 24 core and love it so much I decided I deserve to own one in this lifetime... But given the scarcity of new custom core models in-store locally, I’m thinking about making an online purchase. I’ve been told that the build quality is remarkably consistent, so I’m thinking I’d...
  2. D

    Brand new core Modern Eagle will not hold tuning...

    Hi folks. Just received delivery on friday of a core Modern Eagle V. This thing took 7 months to arrive on backorder. My excitement quickly turned to heartbreak. Problem: Will not hold tune whatsoever. Within 30 seconds of playing anything beyond soft finger picking, tuning slips in...
  3. Julian

    PRS Bolt On also Cores?

    Hello, I’ve seen a lot of reviewers refer to the John Mayer Bolt On as “the core model”. I was wondering if the Bolt-On series was a part of the core range?
  4. Moondog Wily

    NGD! Birtha Luna Bluvi

    Hi, my name is Wily and I'm an addict ;~(( My first hit was on Feb 4, 2021, and on March 09, 2021, my second hit arrived. A third is on layaway! Help me Obe Wan, you are my only hope! This new guitar (a 24 CU Violet Blue Burst) has been christened Birtha Luna Bluvi. Translation is as follows...
  5. Utkarsh

    NGD: Core Mark Holcomb Custom 24

    Well technically it's a belated NGD as I got the guitar two weeks ago but I really wanted to play the guitar properly for a while and provide an informed review. Also after the two recent NGDs of the 8 string and the Purple Artist custom 24, I thought you lot would murder me. It was quite...
  6. gorkemkol

    American jack plate

    Hi guys Since i bought my SE Pauls guitar i made some DIY upgrades to it due to lack of aftermarket parts back in my country. Now i am also planing to upgrade my jackplate like an american prs (squared) instead of cheap indonesian shape . I want it to be as authentic as possible so is there...
  7. Egads

    Rosewood Switch Tip

    Hey All. I just got something that needs a little (more) dressing up (shoes and purse style). Anyone have a trusted source for a rosewood switch tip (core blade, not toggle)? There are some on Reverb, which works, but I just wanted to see if anyone has a preference or any experience.
  8. P

    Acoustic line of S2, CE'S and core?

    My issue with the acoustics from PRS is that you can get import line or something out of your price range (10,000+ dollars). Why haven't they made an s2 or a core or CE lineup of guitars? Yes the SE's are good but why no core lineup??
  9. S

    Considering buying a Custom 24 core

    So I've recently been looking to purchase a Custom 24. But due to the limited market here in Norway, there aren't a whole lot of guitars to choose from, and import is sadly too expensive. Anyways, I found a new S2 Custom 24 and almost decided to buy it, but after searching the used market there...
  10. Smurl

    Custom 24 5-Way Wiring

    Hello, I’ve got a question regarding the wiring of the Custom 24 in my avatar: is it possible to wire the 5-way switch as 1: bridge humbucker 2: bridge split 3: both humbuckers 4: neck split 5: neck humbucker I would much rather have this configuration as I don’t get much use out of the...
  11. GavQuinn

    Bone nut vs PRS USA? Any Experience?

    Has anyone had a bone nut added to a Core model? If so, was there any perceived tonal difference?
  12. pauloqs

    Wood quality on Core guitars

    Besides the amazing wood drying process on PRS guitars and outstanding craftsmanship, another characteristic that I don’t see advertised as much is the wood grade used in Core guitars. I believe PRS use a lower density mahogany for their core guitars, like you find in the Custom Shop of other...
  13. Blakemore

    Anyone try Starla pups in anything besides a Starla?

    Love the clarity, string separation and sound of the Starla core pups. Anyone ever tried them in something other than a Starla? Something with a maple top?
  14. Ironwolf

    Core Mira issues (Help), upgrade choices, and other unimportant OCD details

    putting my new 2008 Mira through its paces, I've now had it for 2 weeks, trying to tweak it to my preferences. Such an Interesting Guitar. I went ahead and installed the Schroeder aluminum wraparound with brass saddles, and it seemed to even out the tone, and sounds basically great. It...
  15. GavQuinn

    Coil Tap - Question for Geeks

    The other day, I was fiddling around with the neck pickup height and pole height on my core model Starla, trying to get the neck to sound brighter, etc. I noticed with the coil tap engaged that the screw coil is the one that remains active. I noted with the screwdriver tip touching the pole...
  16. krugerj

    NGD! My first PRS!! (photos inside)

    Hey guys! I have finally come over from the dark side and picked up my first PRS... and it's beautiful! It's a Paul Reed Smith Custom 22 in Antique Violin Amber. It's a 1999 which is the first year of production for the short-lived left-handed core series. I will post another post in a few days...
  17. Anaxes

    Dealer Exclusives Custom 24s? LT 85/15

    I've been shopping around for my first core. I play a lot of jazzy jam band stuff (big phish fan) and some indie rock. Looking for some more unique colors that some of the dealers get in from time to time. Not looking to spend more than a ten top. Also anyone with the 85/15 LT? not sure if they...
  18. T

    Where do I find this rare guitar??

    Does anyone know where to find good guitars online besides reverb, sweetwater and ebay? I'm looking for a prs core custom 24, maple satin neck, nice color (besides amber burst, because that seems to be all I can find with satin neck). Most of the artist packages seem to have glossy necks. I've...
  19. T

    PRS Studio 2011...

    Hello, I currently own a an S2 CU24, and I'm looking to upgrade. I recently noticed a used 2011 Studio at my music store, and when I played it, I absolutely loved it! And it's at a very affordable price. I would have bought it right there but it's much different than what I've been looking for...
  20. T

    Original PRS Studio...

    Hello, I currently own a an S2 CU24, and I'm looking to upgrade. I recently noticed a used original Studio at my music store, and when I played it, I absolutely loved it! And it's at a very affordable price. I would have bought it right there but it's much different than what I've been looking...