1. Guitarjon

    One Guitar vs 53 Amps (MT15 & Archon 50 included)

    Every once in a while as my amp collection grows, I like to do something a little crazy.... In this past year I got a Gibson Les Paul Custom. It's probably my favorite guitar! I basically wanted to hear how this guitar sounds through my entire amp collection. No clean tones, just one high gain...
  2. C

    Wide Fat vs. Pattern Regular Necks

    So, I can't get to a PRS dealer soon and I've been doing some reading. I just tried a PRS Acoustic SE and I have a firm idea on the feel of the neck. Now I know that they're different but how different are the pattern regular necks from the wide fat? I've read that the pattern regular is a...
  3. S

    S2 Custom 22 vs Core Custom 22

    Any noticeable tone differences, neck etc? After getting my Korina 24 (fixed bridge), seriously considering moving to the Cu22 in lieu of my Floyd Superstrat. Also, any noticeable difference in components? Thank you in advance for your input!
  4. guitartalkunedited

    PRS SE vs Cheaper Gibsons

    Hi all, With out trying to flog a dead horse - what are everyones opinions on PRS SE (new) vs cheaper Gibson's (new) ala the £700 mark ($1000). I recently did various direct comparisons in the Guitar Store in an isolated booth and I genuinely couldn't fault the PRS. But the Gibson's finish let...
  5. DavidRome

    PRS 408 vs 408 Semi-hollow Comparison

    I recently played a PRS 408 Semi-Hollow w/Rosewood Neck Wood Library guitar but I had to drive 3 hours to get there. I won't mention the dealer but they are sweet people. Lol I did meet several 408 owners and it seems that anyone who owns one of these is in love with it. Anyway, I took some...