coil split

  1. Y

    Switching options on PRS SE Custom 22

    Hi, I have a 2018 PRS SE Custom 22, and was wondering which coils are active in the 85/15 S pickups when using the push/pull. I've tapped a screwdriver on the pole pieces and it seems both the screw and slug coils are still active in each pickup when split? What's going on?
  2. P

    SE Custom 24 to Custom 24-08 conversion

    Hello Everyone, This is my first post and I thought I would share my upgrades to my SE Custom 24 with you in case anyone else would like to make these modifications. Recently I was planning to buy a SE Custom 24-08, however I was very lucky and won a SE Custom 24. I love the look and...
  3. S

    Are TCI "S" pickupts in the SE Custom 24-08 unique to the guitar? Question about TCI & where to buy

    Hi, I am looking to buy some TCI "S" pickups found in the PRS SE Custom 24-08, particularly the neck pickup. I'd be happy with something similar too. I understand that TCI is a system and not just a pickup. Do they use the same pickups from other guitars in the SE Custom 24-08 and...
  4. G

    Installing new pickups on a cu 24 and wiring implications

    Hi everyone, I’ve got a cu 24 2012 and love it, but I’m looking for lower output pickups and have considered installing a set of Thornbuckers. I’ve been wondering whether there would be any wiring consequences that would affect coil splitting options, for instance, will the guitar still have...
  5. F

    I want to do something crazy to a CE (concentric dual pot with coil tap)

    I'm looking to do something odd to a CE 24. TLDR I'm looking for a stacked pot that will allow me to control volume and tone with a stacked knob, but still allow me to tap the coils with a push or pull. Long version. I've played Gibson style guitars most of my life, because of this I've...
  6. Simon_Smith

    Zach Myers 2021 Coil Split

    Has anyone done it yet? I've ordered some bits and have laid out this diagram of stock and after coil split switching added (with trebble bleeds too). Can anyone see anything wrong? There probably is, but hopefully not. I got the pup wire colours...
  7. S

    Paul's Guitar Wiring Question

    Hi all, I am trying to recreate the wiring on Paul's guitar with the two mini toggle switches for coil split. I've noticed that there seems to be two wiring diagrams, one for 'Paul's Guitar' and the other is 'SE Paul's Guitar'. The main difference I can see are: 1. The humbucker wiring to the...
  8. R

    PRS SE Custom 24 has anyone tried rotating or flipping split coil pickups?

    PRS SE Custom 24 has anyone tried rotating or flipping split coil pickups? Any opinions if single coil modes sound better or worse?
  9. Skeeter

    Coil Tap using Push/Pull with a 5-way

    Hi, I was wondering about possible electronic mods to a Custom 24 with a 5-way blade (latest version). If I were to install a push/pull tone pot to split the neck pickup - would I need further upgrades, like a 5-way “mega” blade? If needed, would it be easier (and possible) to change...
  10. Hungerbeast

    2-Wire to 4-Wire Conversion

    Has anyone here ever converted a 2-conductor pickup into a 4 conductor pick up? I ask because I have a Tremonti SE that I’ve upgraded with USA Pickups. I added a push/pull pot the bridge Humbucker and it’s awesome, I love having the versatility of coil splitting. I want to do it to the neck as...
  11. Wakester

    Just a crazy thought

    So I got thinking today (I know dangerous thing to be doing;)) and wondered if the SE245 pickups are coil splitable. Can I drop in a pair of push/pull tone pots and achieve coil split like on my custom 24? Or, will I have to go with a different set of pups? Any thoughts, experience?
  12. matonanjin

    Coil tapping toggle switches on my Paul's do nothing

    I should have pursued this long before now. But I haven't had the need for them and I just keep forgetting about it. But testing out a couple guitars at CME last night and hearing the huge difference the coil tapping (should) makes reminded me that I need to get this resolved. As the title...
  13. GavQuinn

    Coil Tap - Question for Geeks

    The other day, I was fiddling around with the neck pickup height and pole height on my core model Starla, trying to get the neck to sound brighter, etc. I noticed with the coil tap engaged that the screw coil is the one that remains active. I noted with the screwdriver tip touching the pole...
  14. Spinland

    Seeking split coil wiring diagram help for 2017 Zach Myers

    I did a fun coil-splitting mod on my SE C22 semihollow, but in that case I also put in S-D pickups and a six-way toggle to control the selections. Worked great, and S-D (and the Free-way switch company) had great documentation available so my task was rather straightforward. This time around...
  15. drdoom8793

    CE Pickup Question: Coil Split

    So I'm looking at picking up an older CE model, most likely a 22. A lot of what I'm seeing doesn't have the stock pickups, so I'll be looking to replace those. The main question I have is..... What's some good pickups for coil splitting? I'll be playing mostly rock and blues stuff, so that's...
  16. Ironwolf

    PRS Studio 2011 version owners Review

    I've been weighing the pros and cons of the custom 24 versus the PRS studio 2011 versions. They're both very appealing guitars. I have the Jimmy page wiring on one of my Les Pauls with the 21 tones switching, And I love it. So I'm leaning heavily towards the PRS studio, unfortunately seems to...
  17. Craig Jordan

    Difference between coil split and coil tap

    Hello, Can anyone offer an accurate description of the differences between a pickup with a coil split versus a coil tap?