1. Jotarock

    What can i do to avoid more and more scratches and swirl marks after every time i clean my guitar?

    Hi everyone! I just bought a beutiful PRS SE custom and i learning a few things about maintence. One of the things i read everywhere is that you need to clean the body and neck after every use. Well....i did that and suddenly a lot of mini scratches (swirls) apeard all across the body (specially...
  2. T

    Cleaning - Music Nomad vs PRS Guitar Care

    I am trying to use cleaning products to maintain my new PRS (PRS CE 24). Living in New Zealand, I could get the Music Nomad Premium Guitar Care Kit (The Guitar One, Guitar Polish and F-One Oil). I tried to get the PRS Guitar Care kit, but our post service told me that it includes forbidden...
  3. adhurdler

    S2 Vela Satin - Cleaning

    What is safe to use on the satin finish?
  4. I

    Cleaning advice for my new Wood Library guitar

    Hi all, I've a 2017 Custom 24/08 Wood Library model and, other than using a micro-fibre cleaning cloth, I'm yet to clean it. The guitar came with no real care info, so I'm just checking for best advise on what to use to keep it in tip top condition. It's an ebony fretboard. I'm unsure on...