1. Patrick Montgomery

    The “Valyrian Steel” pedal (KingTone Duellist)

    I have been sitting on this for a while as my father in law checks out the forums - but I can finally share this with you guys! My FIL is a huge gear nut and Game of Thrones fan, so I built him the “Valyrian Steel” by “Iron Tone” for Christmas. It’s a KingTone Duellist clone, and he loved it...
  2. matonanjin

    What (guitar related) did Santa bring?

    When you got up this morning and made your way to the tree did you find a guitar/music related gift from the jolly fella, if that is the way you do it. Or if you, like we do, all join together and exchange, did you end up tith a guitar related gift? So let's compare the hauls here! :confused: I...
  3. Moondog Wily

    Happy Holidays 2021-2022

    Seems like an eternity, and I have only been here 11 months! Great getting to know y'all and I hope everyone has a fabulous 2022!! Below is a version (non print version) of the Holiday card I have created for this year (been making one every year since 1996 so this is the 25th anniversary for my...