chris robertson

  1. tyfu20

    Chris Robertson NGD

    So the Chris Robertson got here the other day and I added the Hipshots locking tuners and amber lampshades. I'm digging the P90 and 57/08S combo, definitely different than any of my other PRSi. The P90 dirty, gives that growl that makes your face look like you smelled something awful. Me likey.
  2. tyfu20

    Incoming NGD P90 style

    Got this Chris Robertson coming in for a ridiculous deal that could not be passed up. Already ordered amber lampshades and will put on the black Kluson style open back Hipshots that didn't fit my SE Paul's. Looking forward to the P90 growl!
  3. A

    SE Neck Recarve

    I have a 2018 SE Chris Robertson. It's a great guitar, in fact one of the best sounding electrics that I have. The color is perfect. It is sort of heavy, but that does not bother me. What does bother me is the neck. It has the chunkiest wide-fat neck I have ever is baseball bat...
  4. mjmartin

    NGD! My first PRS - SE Chris Robertson

    Hi. I'm Martin and I've been a huge fan of PRS guitars. I started playing when I was 16 (I'll be 21 soon), and owning one was always my dream. After more than a year of saving up money I was finally able to buy my first one. I chose CR because it seemed as the most versatile one. It really can...