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  1. T

    Any info on this? 2023 CE 24 Purple Burst w/Ebony Fretboard

    Hello, first post here. I just bought a new PRS CE 24 Purple Burst, and it claims that the fretboard is a custom option with an ebony fretboard. I can't seem to find any info on this anywhere. Serial number is: 23 0379265. The only other thing that looks different is the headstock is dark vs...
  2. mjmartin

    NGD - CE 24 SH (My first USA PRS)

    Hello everyone! I never expected this day would come but here we are! Recently I was lucky enough to receive some nice bonuses at work and once I added them to my savings I decided it's time. I love my SEs but I just wanted something more. And I got to a point when I could even get my dream...
  3. C

    PRS CE Models 00's 10's 20's Comparisons?

    Hi Prs Forums! i'm fairly new to the brand as my first purchase is a SE silver sky and following that its American made counterpart :) im now looking at getting a CE but am confused on whats changed over the years. i see a couple of old CE's now and then dating back just from the late 00's to...
  4. CB93D

    PRS Vela with Bird Inlays

    Hello everybody, Do you think it’s realistic to expect bird inlays back in the Vela model? I’ve been expecting for years for them to make a comeback on the model, or at least to include them in an upgraded version. Maybe a CE version? At some point I made peaces with the possibility of them not...
  5. P

    Color coding on the CE 24's 85/15 TCI pickups?

    I got a set of these to put on my SE but I can't find any diagrams that tell me what the cables do. I'd assume that black/white/red/green are the same as normal 85/15, but what do I do with the extra orange wire? Looking at a picture the seller sent me of the guts of his guitar, it looks like...
  6. T

    High-end CE?

    For various sonic and wood choice reasons the CE 24 is the model I most aspire to own beyond my S2s. I do get that part of the cost difference between the CE and a Core model are things like the bridge, tuning machines, and the non-recessed backplates. I actually like the thinner maple cap, too...
  7. cjlloyd


    Thought I would share with you what I’ve been up to this weekend as I made a few upgrades to my CE. I bought the SE bridge upgrade kit from John Mann which comprises a brass block, new springs, and higher quality saddles and mounting screws. I have to say everything is beautifully machined and...
  8. P

    Hi Guys, i'm new here and have a short question .

    This is been asked before I think but ,correct me if I'm wrong . i have Two Ce 24 models and like to know the Exact date. Tried to upload a Picture/drawing but is only working with url?. and is there another possible option to upload a picture? without url? Thanks in advance Paul Lenders But...

    2021 CE 24 special Run with 57 08 pickups

    Hey everyone new to this forum wanted to get some insight or opinions on my new CE 24 with 57 08 pickups
  10. F

    I want to do something crazy to a CE (concentric dual pot with coil tap)

    I'm looking to do something odd to a CE 24. TLDR I'm looking for a stacked pot that will allow me to control volume and tone with a stacked knob, but still allow me to tap the coils with a push or pull. Long version. I've played Gibson style guitars most of my life, because of this I've...
  11. J

    New CE24 Fret Buzz-is it a me thing?

    I recently purchased a new PRS CE 24. Very pleased with my purchase. That said, I've noticed it's got a sting buzz on E A and D I can't shake This is the first guitar I have purchased or really played on other than my 06 MIM Strat, so it's entirely possible I'm just very used to the way that...
  12. D

    PRS CE 24 Semi-Hollow or S2 Custom 24 35th Anniversary

    Hoping to get some insights. I have an S2 Starla with Bigsby that I absolutely love. I am planning to add another PRS to my collection and debating between the S2 Custom 24 35th Anniversary Edition or the CE 24 Semi-Hollow. Both are stunning. I love the independent split switches on the 35th...
  13. S

    CE24 Semi Hollow Trem Rattle

    Hello, newer member to the PRS family. Loving it so far. So, I recently purchased a brand new CE24 Semi Hollow and noticed a rattle coming from the hole where the trem arm is normally inserted. The rattle disappears when I plug the trem arm in. I only noticed this when playing the B string on...
  14. Ovibos

    Trampas Green SE Paul's?!? Eriza Verde CE24?!?

    AMS seems to have done some cool limited runs. There's also Charcoal Burst SE Paul's, Blue Matteo and Matte Black CE24s, bunch of cores.
  15. Ovibos

    Cracking f-hole

    Hey, get your mind out of the gutter! The f-hole on my Reclaimed Limited CE24 has developed a crack, and I’m thinking it might keep splitting further and that whole chunk will come off. It’s definitely not one of the original ‘character marks’ from the old barn wood it was made from. Looks...
  16. O

    PRS CE 24 rotary knob

    I have an older PRS CE 24 and wanted to know which position gives what tone. I found this: Position 10: Humbucking treble (bridge) pickup alone Position 9: Outside coils of both pickups in parallel for what PRS calls a “deep and clear” sound Position 8: Series single coils – PRS describes...
  17. D

    Differences between CE 24 Models by Year

    I am currently looking to buy a CE24 used, and I am interested in how the models vary between years. I'm interested in years 2016-2019. Both the 2018 and 2019 CE 24 product pages are accessible on the PRS site, but I see no differences besides some color options. Are there any other changes?
  18. S

    Thoughts on 2008 CE24

    I have a 2005 and was curious as to any changes, comparative quality etc. Looking at a few different years for a backup. Any input appreciated.
  19. S

    Bridge Pickup Suggestions For a 2004 CE 24

    Had the HFS/VB in currently. For me it’s too bright and noisy. Love the VB but want a smooth the bridge out but stay with a med/high output. Duncan Custom (which is very similar) has been suggested. Looking for other options. Play mainly rock/blues.
  20. drdoom8793

    Shameless Self Plug (You've Been Warned!)

    Hey guys! My band, Swamp78, has finally released our first EP. We're an Alternative Rock band, for fans of Flyleaf, Paramore, or Shinedown. We're available on all the major players like Spotify and Apple Music, but I'll also put a link to our Reverb Nation for those who don't subscribe to...