1. G

    Replacing 5909 bridge pickup

    Hi there: So I got a 2012 custom 24 couple weeks ago and I’m really loving it. My only issue is that I find its 5909 bridge pickup a bit too bright for my taste. Does anyone have any recommendations on pickups with similar output level but slightly warmer/less harsh on the treble side? I’ve...
  2. joshoptical

    Silver Sky in a mix?

    Anyone play their SS in a band or otherwise mix setting? I have a 2020 maple board in Orion Green and can’t help finding it incredibly bright- always looking for more “umph.” Ive been playing over 20 years so it’s not as though I don’t know how to work an amp or tone knob. Meaning I’m not...
  3. gauchosilvertone

    McCarty 594 Bridge Pickup solution?

    Got my 594. It's my guitar. MINE. You can't have it! I bought it to be my "The One." I have a few other electrics but I'm a serious instrumentalist and was sick of not playing my best due to constantly shifting between scale lengths and neck profiles. The 594 satisfies. One thing I love...