1. M

    New to PRS: Bridge question.

    I just found a deal on this PRS custom 24. I noticed the bridge isn’t set right and am having a hard time finding a bridge like this on the limited search I have done. Wondering if this is a custom/hack job or just new to me. I’m a new member so I’m not supposed to post links yet? I’ll try and...
  2. wulftone

    McCarty 594 bridge differences

    I've noticed that some 594's come with, for lack of a better term, "long/flat saddles", and some with more traditional Les Paul style saddles. Anyone know the story here? I've seen both styles on Core, S2, and Private Stock guitars. Can anyone order the type they want? Anyone notice a...
  3. Ovibos

    Baby, you're a sitar

    Got a used SE with the wraparound bridge, and the B string is sitar'ing at the bridge. It's got the good old forward lean, so I've got some locking studs on order. Will flattening the bridge do the trick, or are there more things I need to do?
  4. Marty Canaday

    Why No 2-Point Bridge System on S2 Custom 24s?

    My curiosity is getting the best of me! I'm wondering why PRS doesn't have 2-point bridge systems on their S2 Custom 24 guitars? Forgive my ignorance if they don't use 2-point at all. The bridge on my PRS looks like the 6-point bridge that comes on older Fenders. Just wondering.