1. Going Modal

    Y'all like modded PRSi? Because this one's modded allright...

    Pretty sweet mod, actually--they really made their own thing out of it. Except I can't help but think that the lone pickup is WAAAY close to the end of the string length.
  2. bigcohoona

    S2 Singlecut - Bigsby?

    Good afternoon everyone! Quick question. Is it possible to retrofit a stock S2 Singlecut SC250 with a Bigsby? Have always loved the sound of Bigsby's and though I love my hardtail, I thought perhaps it would be a fun project. Thanks for the help! ~C
  3. CM Harris

    Bigsby on a Mira?

    I love my S2 Mira Semihollow, but really miss the tremolo on my Strat. Anyone think having a Bigsby installed on a Mira is problematic?