bernie marsden 2017

  1. Mark burgess

    Bernie Marston SE 2017 machine head holes

    Hi just one question please .My new guitar ( to me ) has very dodgy loose machine heads. I am going to go with the Kluson Revolution locking tuners I have a set on my Gibson LP ( which maybe getting displaced because this plays and sounds better) What diameter are the holes in the peg head on...
  2. Gary Thompson

    Bernie Marsden sustain..

    Hi all. Looking for possible answers.. my 2017 Bernie sounds very dull and is hard to play especially unplugged. String height seems ok? Neck looks ok has no string buzz either., Has 10s on it as standard. Compared with my Epiphone les Paul it just feels a total effort.. any ideas? Upgrades?? Thanks
  3. guitartalkunedited

    PRS SE Bernie Marsden 2017

    Hi all, As mentioned in my previous posts I'm a proud new owner of a PRS SE 2017 Bernie Marsden Limited. I also have recently started a Guitar Vlog on YouTube. Please (if your interested) take a look at my review of the PRS SE Bernie Marsden 2017. Don't forget to Subscribe and Like if you...