1. Aaron B

    PRS Paul's Guitar - wanting to lower the action

    Hey guys! my first post and I wanted to ask about lowering the action on the Paul's Edition SE. Because I've never done this on any guitar before. But also, the bridge is a bit different than the usual SE, and I can't find a video about it I'd post pictures but I'm not allowed yet. I'm sure...
  2. T

    Will PRS SE Clint Lowery sound good in standard tuning?

    Hello folks! So i'm a beginner/ kind of intermediate, been playing an acoustic for a couple of months, and want to buy my first electric. I don't have much knowledge about stuff, I was considering the PRS Custom 24, but found a really good deal for the SE Clint lowery signature model from a...
  3. BonMat

    Total Beginner: Neck Profile

    Looking to tap your collective wisdom about the impact of neck profile for a beginner. I'm a total beginner to guitar, starting at age 39. (I tell my wife, there are worse mid-life crises.) I've been goofing around with my kid's 3/4 scale Squier for a few months now. After a lot of reading...