1. C

    Setting up SE277 P90 pickups

    Hello! I am just looking for some advice on setting up P90s. I've had a SE277 semi-hollow baritone guitar with the P90 pickups since 2016. Although I love the guitar, I've often struggled to find my sound on it. The main issue is the tonality and volume of the 2 pickups are so different to...
  2. John Beef

    '96 baritone PS oddball on Reverb

    Whoa, I was just looking at baritones on Reverb and ran across this:
  3. Utkarsh

    Tremonti Baritone Hybrid Review

    Hi folks, Hope you have all been well Firstly apologies that I haven't been active in a while. Been house hunting, then shifting and everything that comes along with that. That said, I have a nice new studio space to play guitar and shoot videos, and a beautiful new Tremonti Baritone I...
  4. M

    PRS 277: Short or Long Pots?

    Hey everyone, I'm planning to upgrade a PRS 277 with some new Bareknuckle pickups. I thought I would swap out the Pots at the same time. Does anyone know which pots this model requires (Long/Short)? Thanks a lot Max
  5. D

    SE 277 Upgrades

    Hey all! first time owner of a PRS and loving it, the quality of the "Cheaper" models such as my Brand new SE 277 is incredible, really in love with it. There are some (aesthetically) things i would like to change; Black Locking Tuners and a Black Bridge. wondering if anyone has installed a...
  6. Guitarjon

    SE277 Semi-Hollow Baritone

    I've had my PRS SE277 semi-hollow for a while now and it's truly one of the most unique instruments I've ever owned in terms of looks, features and sound! I mean, it's a semi-hollow baritone with P90's for crikey's sake! Before I got this one I had purchased a used sunburst SE277 with the old...
  7. Roger Fisher

    Bach cello solo on Baritone 277

    This little cello solo is 300 years old; trying to emulate bowing with volume swells.
  8. B

    Hard shell case for a PRS SE 277 baritone

    Hey, everyone. Long-time PRS user, but this is my first post on the forum. I'm looking for a hardshell case that will fit the SE 277 baritone. I'd ideally like to find a case that can fit two of them inside for airline travel. Does anyone know if anything like this exists, or some companies...
  9. BB2

    Quality problems

    I was always a fender player until I got some bad guitars and amps made by them about 10 years ago and have been interested in PRS for a while but never owned one. I have always heard raves about PRS fit and finish and quality. I have purchased 3 PRS guitars over the past year: 1 se, 1 s2, and...
  10. Utkarsh

    My 513 Baritone Experiment

    My Blue Matteo 2008 513 is a lovely guitar which I'll probably never sell, but due to two other 513s in the stable, I thought having all of them in the same tuning was a bit redundant. At the same time, I have recently started playing a lot more in B standard and drop A, and find the 27-28"...
  11. ysmth

    PRS Baritone

    Hi everyone I really dig those baritones and I would like to add one of those to my collection. However, I haven't really found "the one" yet. I've been looking at all kinds of models but I'm not quite convinced... First of all, I'm a huge fan of single cuts. Obviousely, I stumbled upon...
  12. Buck

    NGD...Oops, I did it again...

    Well, this happened to me Tremonti Baritone Hybrid. Will be setting up tomorrow with a new nut and 10-52's to bring up to D# tuning...obviously not using as a baritone and never intended to with the scale...but a good portion of my guitars are 25.5" inch scale, so will be right...
  13. guitarhawk

    Amps for Baritone Guitar

    Hey guys! I came upon this forum after recently acquiring a PRS SE 277 semi hollow Baritone guitar. I got a great deal on it and am very pleased with it so far. However, it would appear that I now need another amp to fully enjoy this guitar. Due to a back injury I downsized to smaller amps which...
  14. Jake Angelastro

    Need to replace bridge of 277 baritone, but PRS does not offer bridge for sale!

    Hi everyone, I'm in a bit of a jam. I have the PRS SE Mike Mushok baritone, and the bridge has unfortunately become damaged and needs to be totally replaced. I searched the Official PRS Parts & Accessories online store, but could not find this bridge available to order. Though perhaps I missed...
  15. colinkanders

    SE 277 Nut Replacement

    My SE 277 Semi-Hollow Soapbar Baritone has two string slots that have been cut too low, which is causing buzzing. I've tried adjusting the truss rod and bridge saddles, but I can't seem to get it to fix. I'm guessing I'll have to replace the nut. What kind of nut should I buy? Is there one that...
  16. Rick_G

    Locking tuners for 277 Semi-hollow Baritone?

    Looking for advise about changing (or not changing) standard tuners to locking tuners on my 277 Semi-hollow Baritone. Comments?
  17. Rick_G

    Locking tuners for 277 Semi-hollow Baritone?

    Looking for advise on changing (or not changing) the standard tuners to locking tuners on my 277 Semi-hollow Baritone. Comments?
  18. Jake Angelastro

    What Intonation Screws does PRS use for the Mike Mushok baritone?

    Hi everyone, I'm new to forum posting, but I could use some help. The title says it all: I am looking for the size of the screw that PRS uses for the screws on the bridge of the Mike Mushok baritone. I’m referring to the screws that are adjusted in the bridge that intonate the strings. Sadly...
  19. C

    SE Mike Mushok Baritone vs SE 277 Baritone

    I'm trying to decide between getting a MM baritone used vs. buying a new 277. Has anyone played both guitars and can give a comparison? I will probably wait for the 2016 Experience event and buy it there.